Studio for the most demanding editing of video and images

In the AV studio you can record and edit sound, images, graphics and videos. The room is sound-proofed and it can accommodate two to three people at a time.

Talk to the staff before saving any files to the computer.

The computer is not connected to the Internet.

Use of the premises is free of charge and the maximum reservation time is 5 hours. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the time slot reserved will be made available to others. The age limit for the studio is 15 years.

Equipment: Efficient Windows 10 workstation. Genelec 8030A monitors. RME Fireface ufx sound card. SPL Goldmike 9844 tube preamp. Nord 88 stage electric piano. Wacom Intuos Pro M drawing tablet. M-Audio Oxygen 25 midi-keyboard. Rode NT-1A microphone. Shure Sm7B, Sm57 ja Sm58 B -microphones. AKG K240 MK II, Sennheiser HD 25 headphones. The monitor is calibrated with Spyder 5 Studio software.


Adobe Cc Collection (2018 fall version, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator etc.)

Ableton Live Suite10

VST plugins:

NI Komplete 10 (Kontakt, Guitar Rig etc.)

Fabfilter – Pro Q2

Izotope - Ozone 6

Hofa - IQ Reverb

Cytomic – The Glue

Softube - Tube-Tech Classic Channel

Rawcutz super sample pack

Additionally, the computer has a number of free plugins.