Espoonlahti Makerspace

Espoonlahti Makerspace is located in Soukka library. Welcome!

Makerspace is a versatile place for making and learning for all library customers. The devices can be used within the library, for example here you have access to 3D printers, a sewing machine, a vinyl cutter and a heat press. To make a reservation for any of the devices go to: You can log into Varaamo with a Yle, a Facebook or a Google account.

The library staff helps with the fundamentals of the Makerspace outside of rush hours. You can contact us through our email: We also offer help with your own devices, like tablets, laptops or phones on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 12:00 without a reserved time. You can bring you own device (tablet, laptop, phone).

There are arranged group visits and events that use the Makerspace, this limits the use of the Makerspace.


3D printers:

1 Ultimaker 3
3 Ultimaker 2+'s
1 Ultimaker Extended 2+

HTC Vive -virtual reality headset (NOT AVAILABLE)
Vinyl cutter Roland CAMM-1 GS-24 (for example. for one toned stickers and heat press transfers)
Heat press BluePressLine For heat pressing on fabrics
Computers For using 3D printers and the vinyl cutter
Big shot -die cutting and embossing machine (cardboard, leather etc. materials)
Laminator Fellowes Jupiter 2 (Up to size A3)
Bosch PMD 10-Multi Detector. Digital Multi Detector locates electric wires and wooden studs and blockings within walls. 
Multimediastation Windows computer equipped with Fusion360 3D-modeling software and licensed Adobe CC-programmes. Large Wacom drawing board attached.

Espoonlahti organizes activity for all ages. Check future events from Facebook or Helmet Event pages:

Soukka, Nöykkiö and Saunalahti.

Contact us or come by to say hi and check what we can do together!

Useful tips:

Thingiverse: Ready 3D models, that can be used to learn to use 3D printers. You also can upload your own 3D models here.

Tinkercad: Get started with 3D modelling: 

3D models are printed as .stl files. 

Besides Espoonlahti, Espoo has other Makerspaces in Entresse, Iso Omena, Sello and Tapiola libraries. Helsinki city library's Urban workshop is in central Helsinki.

Links to other Makerspaces in Espoo: