Tablet for reading e-magazines

The library has a tablet that enable you to have access to a digital version of Helsingin Sanomat, Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat and two other e-magazine services, which offer a wide range of high-quality facsimile editions of newspapers and magazines.

Some of these services are usable remotely, so you can read magazines and newspapers whenever you like. At its simplest, remote use requires nothing more than an Internet connection and a library card.

ePress offers facsimile editions of some 200 Finnish local and regional newspapers, ready to read as soon as the newspapers have been printed. You can read newspapers only on the library’s customer computers or via your own or library's mobile devices using the library's wireless network.

PressDisplay offers over 2 400 newspapers and nearly 1 200 magazines, from some 100 countries and in 54 languages. The extensive range of newspapers on offer includes facsimile editions from Le Monde to El País. The service can also be used remotely. To log in to the service, you need only an Internet connection and your library card number.