Pohjois-Haaga library

An agile powerhouse

Pohjois-Haaga (North-Haaga) library is small, but agile in its services. Situated in a former grocery store, it is mostly frequented by local residents and people working in the area. The library is the meeting place and heart of the local community. We strive to meet the customers’ needs and be close to them. 

Humour and individual service

All services are literally within your reach. You have individual customer service, well organised children’s section, computers for public use, a coffee vending machine, 50 different newspapers and magazines and a tablet to browse several papers. The sociable Haaga residents and the customer service with a bit of banter makes North-Haaga a busy and extremely well-liked library. The continuous art exhibitions and the library dog Hugo are also cheering up the customers. The library is accessible from the ground level and you can even come in with your dog. During the summer months the library has a small terrace where you can read the paper while enjoying a cup of coffee. About 400 patrons visit North-Haaga library every day.

Events and Christmas elves

The library hosts a variety of events for different age groups: book clubs, discussions, author visits and events for children. The annual December Elf Path lures in more than 1000 visitors to discover Christmas. At the event, Santa Claus never forgets to visit North-Haaga library and the children know it! He has both delighted and frightened children for several consecutive years.

Lend a rotary hammer drill or stepladder

In addition to borrowing books and DVD’s you can check out for e.g. Nordic walking poles, a rubbish picker, a pet travel carrier, a home energy monitor or a stepladder and a rotary hammer drill for some heavy-duty DIY. There are eight computer workstations, two on-line catalogue terminals and a tablet for children. The available services include (colour) photocopying, printing and scanning. There is also a recycling shelf where the customers can bring their own books and other clean and unbroken items that need a new home. Recycling at the library is incredibly popular and you can make real finds!

A library in the middle of the village

North-Haaga harbors a rare community spirit. Residents of Haaga community are sociable, talkative and enthusiastic about their neighborhood. A large proportion of the Haaga residents are senior citizens and you might hear some reminiscing about moving to North-Haaga in the Helsinki Olympic year 1952. There are more and more returnees in North-Haaga. The people who have grown up in the area are moving back to raise up their own children there. The library is reachable by public transport. There are five free parking spaces and a bicycle rack for the customers.

Twin sister at South-Haaga

North-Haaga library has a twin library in South-Haaga (Etelä-Haaga). Both libraries have the same library manager and they collaborate closely. An elementary school of 700 pupils is located next to South-Haaga library. The library offers for e.g. a poem group for babies and toddlers, book clubs, coloring book club and board game evenings for adults. Sometimes Hugo, the library dog, goes from North-Haaga to work in the South. He is listening to the children reading books, which is improving their reading skills. Welcome!