Point Library’s self-service hours will lengthen as of November 8

Point library’s self-service hours will lengthen as of Monday, November 8. As of the above date, you can access the library premises with your library card as early as at 7am on each day of the week.

From November 8, 2021 to  March 13, 2022 self-service hours will continue until 13 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on which days the library staff will be present at 13–20. On other days, the service hours will remain unchanged.

A self-service library is a library with a system that allows clients to use the library by themselves. You can use these libraries also when no staff members are present.

Clients can access a self-service library during the self-service hours by entering their library card and PIN in the reader situated on the library's front door. You can, for instance, borrow and return items, pick up your reserved items, and read the self-service libraries’ materials.

You can also access a self-service library with the library card on your Taskukirjasto app. Read more about the Taskukirjasto app.

Check out Point Library's opening hours and the employees’ service hours here: Opening hours of Point library.

Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko/ Pexels