Point library’s self-service hours reduced till the turn of the year

The self-service hours of Point library in the evenings and over the weekends will be reduced for the period of October 21-December 31, 2019, because of vandalism occurred on the library premises during self-service hours. During the rest of the year, the library’s surveillance technologies will be enhanced.

Point library (Hagelstamintie 1) uses a system that enables self-service use of the library outside the library’s actual opening hours. We are now reducing the self-help hours until the end of the year as regards both weekday evenings and weekends. Self-service use of the library is monitored with the help of, among other things, cameras, and during the latter part of the year, the library’s surveillance technologies will be supplemented and improved. 

“Self-service use of the library is largely based on trust between the library and its customers. Self-service use of Point library has earlier functioned without any bigger problems, and I believe we can return to the longer opening hours after the turn of the year,” says Mikko Vainio, director of Library Services.

Point library's opening hours, October 21-December 31, 2019:

  • Mon-Thurs: 7:00-21:00, employees present: 9:00-20:00
  • Fri: 7:00-16:00, employees present: 9:00-16:00
  • Sat: 7:00-16:00, employees present: 9:00-16:00
  • Sun: 7:00-13:00, only self-service use