Tottatarua - annual children's literary event

Every spring, Point library organizes Tottatarua - a popular children's literary event. Tottatarua has free entrance and is aimed for children aged 0-12, and the program and different activities are planned and organized in cooperation with local organizations. By organizing the event we wish to offer children a possibility to express their creativity and enjoy various kinds of literature and art.

2012 the theme of Tottatarua was multicultural drama and performance, with puppet workshop, book hospital, live music, book talks and other activities for children aged 7-12. We had about a thousand young visitors with their parents and the feedback gathered was very positive.

Main partners were City of Vantaa Culture Services, Vakka ry (Vantaa International School parent organization), Y.E.S. vanhempainyhdistys (Y.E.S. Daycare Centre parent organization), Vantaan Sanataidekoulu (Vantaa Word Art School) and Elise - Vantaa ry. (gymnastics and sports association). Tottatarua is mainly funded by the library and Culture Services, with some funding from external sponsors such as construction company Hartela and Aviapolis trade centre.