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Welcome to the ARTMONEY NORD -Workshop! The Workshop takes place in the Book Tower of the library (2nd floor) on the 14th of June, 2 pm - 4 pm.The exhibition Closure Event is set up in the meeting room Ture on the 1st floor from 4 pm onwards. Welcome!

The workshop is associated with ARTMONEY NORD -art project. ARTMONEY NORD -exhibition is on show in the Rikhardinkatu library 1.-14.6.

Artmoney is a conceptual art project, an alternative 'currency', produced by artists.

Artmoney is sold, exchanged and used as payment - similar to traditional currency.

Artmoney has the intention of questioning the traditional economical system, in that way it

constitutes a critical voice in the political debate about ‘what is value’.

Artmoney is original artwork, 12x 18 cm in size. Artmoney is created in virtually any

material and genre. I have seen works of such diverse materials as paper, concrete, glass,

porcelain, deli meats, wood, textile and ice.

Artmoney was founded by the Danish artist Lars Kraemmer in 1997. The concept

celebrated 20 th anniversary in 2017. I myself have been involved with the project since

2004 and am still very enthusiastic about the philosofical and social perspectives of art as

an alternative and legal currency. You could say it already is what artists do and always

have done when sometimes 'paying' goods and services with their art works. Artmoney

just pinpoints the concept and makes it extra clear and tangible.

On a philosophical and socio-economic plan you can see artmoney as an obvious

invitation to a debate about values and value exchange. The project is based on equality

between people and focuses on accountability, transparency and trust in an innovative,

artistic and playful way.

We all know that our Nordic welfare model is under a big pressure and that it is essential

with a new approach and renewed energy to issues as 'money', 'value', trade and

exchange. Not only the Nordic region, but the whole world has reached a point of no return

where it has become essential to consider what is human and real values, and how we

want to spend our lives and our resources. I would therefore like to bring out this project

and its vision of a better world through this alternative art currency and its entire human

and social potential.


Each artist contributes 20 original pieces of artmoney, that directly or indirectly will reflect

on the concept of "value". Of course every artist creates his or her work - free in

expression and material. Nobody knows what has value for the individual. But maybe

certain themes will crystallize, and we will see a common thread? Or maybe not at all?

The formal requirements for the size of the individual work (12 x 18 cm) ensures a tight

outer form, that allows peace and harmony in the exhibition. The works can be exhibited

on a wall and/ or put in boxes on a table or podium for further inspection.

The plan is to show the approximately 500 works in all the Nordic countries - and maybe

later also in Balticum


The exhibition is complemented by dissemination in the form of website, artists talks and -

if there is an interest - workshops for local artists and other interested.


We start our Nordic Tour in Aarhus, Denmark in August 2017, went on to Bornholm,

thenNIPÅ, The Nordic Institute on Åland. In June 2018 we go on to Rikhardinkatu Library

in Helsinki and later on to Iceland and Farao Islands where we have confirmed dates. And

we're in contact with other exhibition venues - where dates are not yet confirmed.


We have created a website/blog for documentation of the project and as a channel of

communication within the group - as well as between the group and the public at https:// Here we present the project, the participating artists,

exhibition venues mm.

You also find os at Facebook at


For further information, please, contact me at or mobile

(+45) 21471871


27 invited professional artists from Scandinavia and the Nordic contries:

Anna Brag (S)

Anna Snædis Sigmarsdóttir (Is)

Arnþrúður Ösp Karlsdóttir (Is)

Erika Tysse (N)

Frank Tomozy (Dk)

Gertrud Alfredsson (S)

Göta Svensson (S)

Hanne Matthiesen (Dk)

Helle Bovbjerg (Dk)

llona Houlman (Fi)

Karen Sennefelder (Dk)

Kristín Gudbrandsdóttir (Is)

Kirsten K. Kestner (Dk)

Lars Christian Kræmmer (Dk)

Maria José Dings (Fi)

Martin Severinson (S)

Naja Abelsen (Gr)

Niels Frank (Dk)

Outi Turpeinen (Fi)

Raija Jokinen (Fi)

Rigmor LIsbeth Justesen (Dk)

Rebekka Kofoed (Dk)

Rita Marhaug (N)

Sigurborg Stefansdottir (Is)

Steen Rasmussen (Dk)

Synnöve von Dickhoff (Fi)

Tina Gjerullf (Dk)

Book Tower, 2nd floor (Rikhardinkatu Library)

6/14/2018 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Last updated 6/9/2018