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Helena Ertz: Sirkussielu 2021

Helena Ertz is a Helsinki based artist. After her visual art studies at Aalto University she worked 2002-2009 in Copenhagen and Berlin. In Helsinki she has exhibited her works at Cable Factory, Torikorttelit, Sampo Theatre and several cafe's.

In my series "Circus Soul" I confront the meeting between east and west, child and adult, city and nature. Fictional characters show up in dreamlike landscapes. Toys from the flee market start creating a parallel reality at my work table. The predators and their pray stop at the last minute to have a civilized conversation.The forgotten toys and superheroes meet at the cities hidden corners. They have some important messages to share. My work present spaces of momentary harmony, where the opposite forces try to reach a balance in a world filled with chaos.

Käytävägalleria, 3. krs (Rikhardinkatu Library)

7/1/2021 - 7/30/2021

Last updated 6/17/2021