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​​​Peter Kravchenko

​​​Peter Kravchenko, homeless artist

Works by Peter Kravchenko on display at the Corridor Gallery, 3rd floor.

In his art Peter, who spent years sleeping rough on the streets of Kiev, portrays homelessness, injustice and discrimination.

The exhibition is organized Liza Basiukova and Luca Gentile. Travelling around the world on a bicycle, Luca has met many extraordinary people, but also witnessed the harsh reality of homelessness.

Luca met Peter in Kiev 2016. The Russian artist has been excluded from society and due to health problems and ill conditions faces risk of early death. They still keep in touch.

You can find works by Peter online at:


Poems (in Russian):

Corridor Gallery, 3rd floor. (Rikhardinkatu Library)

7/1/2019 - 7/31/2019

Last updated 7/2/2019