By collection reorganization we create a stage for arts and stories

Beginning the 13th of November, we will reorganize some of the shelving of the circulating collection of adult’s fiction and non-fiction. Changes will occur on the second and on the third floor, as well as in the book tower, which starts at the level of the second floor.

As we reorganize the collections, we create a stage for arts and stories: fiction in Finnish language and cartoons are gathered together into a chamber of fiction on the second floor. In the new order, the stories reach out also to the book tower, as fiction in Swedish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian are located on the first balcony of the book tower.

Different forms of art gather together at the bottom of the book tower, which is located on the same level, as the second floor. The stage for different arts is completed by music, cd’s and music books, which stay in their current location on the second floor by the information desk. As we create this new stage for arts, we also create comfortable spots for reading or for spending time, and we also wish to showcase the art books better and make it more convenient to browse them.

The personnel will help in locating materials, while the reorganization is going on. We apologize for any inconvenience the reorganization might cause! You can ask for more information from the personnel and from the chief of staff Sari Jovero, e-mail address