The Library for art and music lovers (1/5)

"People have loved this building so much that you can sense it when you walk in", says Emmi Martin (Elmikaarina Martin), the library's nowadays retired information specialist.

Today the 135 years old Rikhardinkatu Library houses works of art, but for over a hundred years it was the main library in Helsinki with an extensive book collection. Emmi Martin, who was responsible for the art collections in the early 1990s, gradually built up the library's reputation as a special place for those who cherish art and music. She set up exhibitions and invited her artist friends to work with her.

The increase of art books required the approval of the Library committee in Helsinki

Rikhardinkatu Library was closed for renovations during the years 1986-1988, when the library in Pasila opened and was established as the new main library.

With the approval of the Library committee, a greater than before amount of art books were then acquired to the library collections at Rikhardinkatu. Finnish and contemporary art were emphasized.

Recently Rikhardinkatu Library has also focused on music, with a monthly early music concert series as well as outdoor events of various kinds.

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