The Professor’s Library Mystery

The professor’s new experiment has gone all wrong and his new machine doesn’t do what it is supposed to. If you can solve the mess, you can enter the draw for a nice prize.

The professor’s new machine should make


But everything has gone wrong. Now the machine makes something new every time a new person uses it. Find out what the machine makes when you use it.

PDF 1: What does the machine do?

No wonder the professor can’t show his face anymore. He packed his bags and ran away and is now hiding in another country.

However, he left some strange clues in his library, written in Cipher +3.

Cipher +3 means every letter must be changed for the one that comes three steps later in the alphabet.

If it says ÄFÖUÖIB it means BICYCLE. Nifty, isn’t it?

PDF 2: Where is the professor hiding?

But dear professor, you can’t run and hide just because you made a mistake? You have to come home again. But how do you get the professor home?

Read the instructions and choose the best way!

PDF 3: How do you get the professor home again?

Send us your answers for the three tasks NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT on January 14 2021 and you have the chance of winning a prize!

Link for your answers

Do you want to make your own professor? All you need is to print the document below plus a pair of scissors, some tape and someone who can help you cut holes for the arms.

PDF: Make your own professor!

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