The library for art and music lovers (2/5)

The Library's Art Collectons

Our collection of artists' books is one of a kind in Finland. Today it consists of some 400 works. It is called RikArt and you can find it on the 2nd floor in the library and it is also available online.

An Artist's Book asks the question of what a book actually is. It can be a unique work of art but also a printed item with a limited number of copies. The founder of the collection, Emmi Martin, first discovered artists' books on a work-related visit to Iceland, where artists'  books have a long-standing tradition.

Since this art form was not well known in our country, Emmi Martin introduced the concept by putting a few works on display in the library. Smaller exhibitions followed and in 2000 it became possible to found a permanent collection.

A very small gallery for tiny objects - Hyllygalleria Hyvinpieni

An exhibition shelf for small works forms the Hyllygalleria Hyvinpieni. The gallery was named by the author Mysi Lahtinen.

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