The library for art and music lovers (3/5)

Arts exhibitions

There have not always been as many arts exhibitions in the Rikhardinkatu library as now. The arts gallery on the third floor, where many photo exhibitions are held, and Taidelainaamo on the ground floor are relatively new. Taidelainaamo was founded in 1995 by the Helsinki Artists’ Association. It has now extended to the library’s lobby, where Galleria Rikhard now is.

In the book tower on the second floor, many exhibitions have been held throughout the years. Recently most of the library’s second floor has been transformed to an arts section, with books on arts. This floor’s new colour code is black.

The childrens’ department often also arranges exhibitions.

The library offers a possibility to grow

Emmi Martin, who until a few years back was responsible for the library’s arts collection and organizing arts events, understood early on the library’s possibilities to help a person to grow. Emmi is an artist herself, but instead of emphasizing her own work, she has chosen to bring others’ works of art forward.

In Emmi’s words, “The Rikhardinkatu library to me is the books, the art, the rooms. This house has been loved so dearly that you can feel it when you come in.”

Part 3/5