The library for art and music lovers (4/5)

Events and parties

When the Night of Arts event first took place in 1989 some 10 000 persons visited the library. The people counter was overloaded, and so the amount of visitors had to be estimated. The Night of Arts event continuously brings people to the library, and it is one of the library’s main happenings.

In the days when Rikhardinkatu library was the main library in Helsinki christmas parties were organized for all the personnel. It was customary that the famous author, Bo Carpelan, who then served as one of the directors of the library, gave a welcome speech. One time the events organizing committee dressed up in tail coats rented from a theatre, and  lined up at the top of the stairs to welcome the guests.

A ghost walk was once arranged together with a theatre company called  Kellartiteatteri, but the project proved laborious and was not repeated.

To gather money for the events a flee market for the colleagues was sometimes arranged.

Fashion shows and teddybears

The library’s booktower makes a good fond for fashion shows. The latest seen shows are Pekka Kytöläs linen clothing for women and Anna Ruohonens 2016 spring and summer collection.

The possibility for cuddly toys to spend the night in the library has proved very popular. In 2015 some 230 cuddly toys were allowed to spend the night in the library.

Concerts are also held in the library on a regular basis.

Part 4/5