Digital support

Espoo libraries offer digital support in four languages: Finnish, English, Russian and Swedish.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many services have moved online – just how to use them without previous experience? We are not only talking about reading e-books or watching movies, but also official services.

In libraries, we are always happy to help you solve digital problems!

"The library helped me with a difficult and important question: I needed to fill in a form to get a traveller’s passport of the Russian Federation from the embassy in Helsinki," says Svetlana Tkacheva, a customer of digital support.

"If any of my acquaintances have such difficulties, I will definitely recommend seeking advice from the library!"

Digital support has been offered in Helmet libraries for several years. You can sign up for personal guidance in many kinds of digital topics in four languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, and Russian.

"Most of the time, customers turn to us for help with filling in and sending forms to different organizations (KELA, Tax Administration, police) and for scanning and sending documents," says Irina Golysheva, a library pedagogue at Sello Library, who guides digital support customers in Russian.

“You can ask us for help in using e.g. email or mobile apps such as WhatsApp, Viber or Skype. We aim to help our customers with all matters related to the basic use of smart devices. For complex issues that require specialized expertise, we'll help you find the right support provider."

For example, digital support helps with these issues:

  • basics of working with a computer and mobile devices
  • installation and updating of computer programs and mobile applications
  • information retrieval
  • Internet, email, and social media
  • editing and saving digital images
  • e-books and other digital materials
  • library’s online services
  • various other online services

The service is available to customers of all ages. We also guide you through the implementation of library services designed for people with disabilities and other special needs, such as the Celia Library.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital support is only available remotely. As soon as libraries return to normal work, guidance will also be available on the library premises.

You can sign up for a free guidance by filling in this online form (choose your preferred language in the top right corner). In case you need help with signing up, you may also call us:

In Finnish, English or Swedish:

  • Entresse Library 09 8165 3776
  • Iso Omena Library 09 8165 7723
  • Sello Library 09 8165 7603
  • Tapiola Library 050 428 9392

In Russian:

  • Russian Library 043 825 7993