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The 3 accessible parking spaces are located outdoors over 10 m from the entrance. The width of the parking spaces is less than 3.6 m.

The route to the entrance is guided, smooth and sufficiently wide and illuminated.

The entrance is hard to perceive but illuminated

The doors connected to the entrance stand out clearly. Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door opens with an access control key.

The entrance has thresholds over 2 cm high.

The customer service point has 3 floors.

For moving around, there is a lift, which can hold a wheelchair that is difficult to perceive; the door opens automatically. The floor numbers in the lift can be felt with fingers. The button for the exit floor stands out from the other buttons. (The minimum dimensions for an accessible lift are width 1.1 m and depth 1.4 m.)

The facility has thresholds over 2 cm high.

The doors in the facility are hard to perceive.

The facility has a toilet marked as accessible on the same floor as the entrance. The toilet door cannot be easily opened and closed.

The service point has a fixed induction loop in the assembly hall, gym.

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