Services of the Helmet libraries during corona virus epidemic

In its meeting on 26.11.2020, the Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group decided on new recommendations and restrictions to curb the spread of the epidemic.

The group has decided on 11 May that the limited service of libraries will also continue after 17 May, until further notice. Any relaxations or liftings of restrictions in accordance with new decisions will be announced on

The objective of the new coronavirus restrictions is to stop the spread of the virus in the Metropolitan Area.  

General information on the services

Face mask usage is a requirement in the libraries, if a health condition does not prevent the use.

Please maintain a safe distance of at least two metres to other customers and the staff. 

Device guidance is given only from a safe distance or at the library’s service desk.

The meeting and collection facilities of the Helmet libraries will be closed to customers until further notice, but the libraries will remain open in limited form for short-time visits. 

Books and other materials can be borrowed and returned using the self-service machines. Services will mainly be provided as self-service and based on advance reservations. Materials must be picked up from the reservation shelf and from limited collection and theme shelves at the machines. 

Library facilities and devices cannot be reserved, and earlier reservations have been cancelled.

The libraries’ opening hours may be shorter than normally. Please check your library’s page for up-to-date information. Pages of the libraries on

If you or your relative or friend have a hindrance that makes personal library visits difficult, you can apply for a flexible customer account. The flexible customer model means that the customer will authorise someone else to visit the library on their behalf. 

Customers can also perform transactions on behalf of others with a single-use authorisation.

Use of the customer computers

Indispensable use of the computers reserved for customer transactions is possible in compliance with the safety guidelines.

Pähkinärinne library is closed (it is in the same space as the youth facility). 

Printing and copying is not possible in Vantaa libraries. Printing of urgent official documents is possible in Vantaa-info in Myyrmäki and Tikkurila.

Helsinki libraries operating inside of schools (Pikku Huopalahti and Sakarinmäki) do not serve external customers at all.

Mobile libraries

In Helsinki 

The mobile libraries run their normal routes. Transactions can be performed as self-service via the machine, one person at a time.

In Espoo

The mobile libraries will not operate. Some services can be offered in a separately agreed manner.

In Vantaa

Vantaa bookmobiles’ evening stops on break. Day-care centers and schools will be served based on orders.

Self-service hours

The library only serves in the presence of personnel. There will be no self-service hours until further notice. 

Home service

In Helsinki 

Helsinki City Library’s home services will be continued. Loans will be left at the customer’s door and returns will be picked up without close contacts.

In Espoo

Espoo City Library’s home services will be continued. Loans will be left at the customer’s door and returns will be picked up without close contacts.

In Vantaa

Vantaa City Library’s home services will be continued. Loans will be left at the customer’s door and returns will be picked up without close contacts.

In Kauniainen

Kauniainen City Library’s home services will be continued. Loans will be left at the customer’s door and returns will be picked up without close contacts.

Loan expiry

Loans will not expire between 30 November 2020 and 31 January 2021. In addition, the library has extended the loan time of loans that have expired between 1.10. and 29.11.2020. The extension will not incur overdue fees. 

The loans will expire on a staggered schedule starting 1 February 2021. Expiration date notifications will be sent out starting 30 January. 

This does not apply to items that are under debt collection. If a loan has expired before 30 September 2020, it may be under debt collection, which means that the loan cannot be renewed. Please contact the library in order to verify the situation. 

You can check the expiration dates of your loans by logging into your account in the Helmet search or the Taskukirjasto application. 

Loan renewing and reservations

By logging in to My Account at 

You can also renew loans and make reservations with the Taskukirjasto application.

Reminder lists

You can save items on a reminder list and make a reservation later. Instructions for using the reminder list in the Helmet search

Library cards and PIN codes

Library cards are made at the libraries. To receive a new library card and your first PIN code, you must present an ID document in the library.

You can renew a forgotten PIN code on the login page if your customer information contains an email address.

The validity period of fixed-term library cards due to expire 30.11.2020 – 31.1.2021 has been extended. The cards will expire after 1.2.2021. 

Use the eLibrary

To use electronic materials, you will need your library card number and the PIN code you received from the library. Have a look at Helmet libraries’ eLibrary.   

Helmet chat

Helmet chat serves from Mondays to Thursdays 12–17 and on Fridays 12–16. The chat is visible on the front page during on-call hours.

Remote digital support 

Do you need help using different devices, programs and online services? We continue to offer digital support during the coronavirus epidemic online and by phone. Contact information of the providers of digital support.  

Remote services 

The remote services and events of the library will be announced on the front page and on social media. You can find the Helmet library on Facebook under the id @helmetkirjasto and on Twitter under @helmet_kirjasto.  

Website of the City of Espoo

Website of the City of Kauniainen

Website of the City of Helsinki

Website of the City of Vantaa

During the coronavirus epidemic, each library follows the respective city’s policies and practical instructions in all of its operations. 

Photo: Maarit Hohteri / City of Helsinki