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Lukukoira Tara

Reading dog Tara in Children's Land


I'm  Tara. I like cuddles and listening. If you are just learning to read or reading is a little tricky, you could read for me. I just love to listen without criticism, comments or grading.

Everyone is welcome to pet me!


Tara can be reached in Children's Land every second Sunday (except 10.11.)  at 11-13:

1.9.  15.9.  29.9.  13.10.  27.10.  24.11.  8.12.  22.12.

You can also book your own reading time for Tara, 15 min, at the Children's Land


Children's Land (Sello Library)

9/29/2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Last updated 11/6/2019