Online booking for music rooms

In Sello Library you can...

- Borrow sheet music from our extensive collection .

- Find help with the questions concerning music, (e.g. where to find music for weddings or funerals?)

- Play music instruments and sing in the music rooms. There are two sound proof rooms available to be reserved. One room has an upright piano, and the other one has a baby grand piano. The music rooms can be reserved up to 4 hours / week. You can reserve time online >> Varaamo for the music rooms. For more information contact the desk of Music Department or phone number 09-816 057607.

- Play the electric piano without reserving time.

- Record and mix music in our studio. Studio equipment: Logic Pro 9 / Logic Pro X, Universal Audio Apollo interface sound card, a large and a small diaphragm condenser microphone, midi keyboard, electronic drums, electric bass, electric guitar and electro acoustic guitar. The studio can be booked for 4 hours / reservation. To use the studio, you have be 15 years old or over, and contact the Music Department to make arrangements for a studio introduction, phone number 09-816 057607. Online booking for the studio is not available automatically. First you must make a user account to the service, and then inform us the email address you use there, to be added to the group. Online booking >> Varaamo