Sellon musa


Online booking for music rooms

In Sello Library you can...

- Borrow music from our extensive collection of CD records, sheet music, books, magazines, and DVD records (e.g. music videos, concerts, opera, music lessons, karaoke etc.)

- Listen to music

- Find help with the questions concerning music, (e.g. where to find music for weddings or funerals?)

- Reserve a personal music trainer for yourself. Personal music trainer is a service for you who want guidance from a professional with your choices of music to listen to, or help with finding out about a new music genre, or if you just wish to get better acquainted with the diverse world of music. There will be an initial interview to find out about your needs, after which, the trainer will compose you a list of music to listen to. You can contact Sello Library Music Department by phone, number 09 816 57607, or email:

- Play music instruments and sing in the music rooms. There are two sound proof rooms available to be reserved. One room has an upright piano, and the other one has a baby grand piano. The music rooms can be reserved up to 4 hours / week. You can reserve time online >> Varaamo for the music rooms. For more information contact the desk of Music Department or phone number 09-816 057607.

- Play the electric piano without reserving time.

- Record and mix music in our studio. Studio equipment: Logic Pro 9 / Logic Pro X, Universal Audio Apollo interface sound card, a large and a small diaphragm condenser microphone, midi keyboard, electronic drums, electric bass, electric guitar and electro acoustic guitar. The studio can be booked for 4 hours / week. To use the studio, you have be 15 years old or over, and contact the Music Department to make arrangements for a studio introduction, phone number 09-816 057607. Online booking for the studio is not available automatically. First you must make a user account to the service, and then inform us the email address you use there, to be added to the group. Online booking >> Varaamo

- Use soundless band practice facility, Roland-room, where you can rehearse with your band wearing headphones. Rules: over 13 years old, or with a guardian if under 13. You need the library card number for booking time, max. 6 hours / week. For online booking you must make a user account, and then visit the Music Department of Sello Library. You must present your library card there, and give the email address you use to sign in to the booking service. The staff will add you to the group with rights to book Roland-room. Online booking >> Varaamo