The Box Bicycle is now available for loaning

You can loan the Box Bicycle from Sello Library starting from 26.6.2023. 

We get a lot of feedback concerning library items. The Box Bicycle was also acquired because of feedback. We welcome and encourage feedback concerning the development of the library’s services. 

Sustainable development is a core value of the City of Espoo. This acquisition furthers environmental awareness within the city and among the patrons. To have the largest and most rarely needed items available for loaning corresponds with sustainable development. 

On loaning the bicycle 

The bicycle must be reserved at Varaamo and can be loaned for one day. The bicycle can be loaned at Sello Library with a picture ID. You’ll find the technical details and loaning policy at Varaamo. 

The Box Bicycle is meant for transporting items or children. The bicycle is equipped with a lock and an extra wire rope. There are also additional items: a detachable sitting box, two different types of rain shelters and a pump. There’s a safety belt for transporting children. 

If you should encounter a problem with the bicycle, contact the library by calling 09 816 57603. 

You’re very welcome to try and use the Box Bicycle for all kinds of purposes! 

Borrow a box bicycle from Vallila Library (page in Finnish)