Season tickets for Vermo Race Track are available to borrow at Sello library

As of beginning of August 2023, Vermo Race Track season tickets are available to borrow at Sello Library. There ar two season tickets available at the library.

Season tickets admit holders to any harness racing events at Vermo Race Track during 2023. You can check the dates and times of harness racing events from Vermo Race Track event calendar (available only in Finnish). The dates for harness racing events are also listed on the season tickets.

Users can borrow a season ticket at the service desk at Sello Library and must return it to the same service desk. The season ticket can be borrowed only for the next harness racing event. The due date for the season ticket is always the next workday after the event. One or two season tickets can be borrowed on one library card at any given time. The tickets cannot be reserved, and the loans cannot be renewed. In the Helmet online service, the tickets can be found using the keyword Season ticket in English, Kausikortti in Finnish, or Abonnemangskort in Swedish.