Suurpellon kirjaston hyllyt, Suurpellon kirjaston hyllyt

Opinmäki library renamed Suurpelto library in August

Opinmäki library has been developed to meet the requests and needs of the area.                     

On the 12th of August the library was renamed as Suurpelto library.                                              Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  • We have more books for adults, as requested. The collection has grown, and we brought in more bookshelves.
    The library now has more spaces for different needs.
  • There are new computers for adults and kids. Now it’s even easier to pop in to do your printing.
  • We have more magazines to borrow. Also ask us about the digital library to find your local paper.
  • The small, quiet work room will remain open during self-service hours, too! The sewing machine has been moved in the quiet room to ensure you can use it without disturbing others.
  • Open door during staff hours! Library card registration is only needed during self-service hours.
  • You can leave your shoes on! No more shoes cluttering up the floor.
  • Remember to scroll down to Suurpelto when reserving books in the autumn!

We are working in cooperation with the area schools, PTAs and local organizations to improve the afternoons for everyone, both adults and children. 

This is a work in progress, and it will continue in the autumn.