The City of Espoo is introducing the principles for safer space in all its cultural facilities and services

“With the principles for safer space, we want to improve the visitors’ customer experience and equality in our facilities and at our events. We also hope that the principles will clarify how both customers and our staff should act in situations where they, for example, notice someone being harassed,” says Cultural Director Susanna Tommila.

The principles for safer space have been created together with residents and customers. In autumn 2022 and spring 2023, workshops were organised and residents’ views on cultural services were collected through surveys. The principles apply to customers, visitors, employees and performers alike.

The staff of cultural facilities and events have received training in, for example, the concept for safer space and the promotion of equality, as well as intervening in harassment and inappropriate behaviour. In the autumn, a common channel will be made available for reporting these cases. Until then, each actor will instruct customers according to their own practices.

“We want everyone to feel welcome, safe and respected at the facilities and events of Espoo’s cultural services,” Tommila emphasises.

In 2022, there were approximately five million visits to all cultural events and facilities in Espoo.

Learn more about the principles of a safer space here.

Principles for safer space in Espoo City Library