Borrow a tablet for library use

You can borrow an easy-to-use Hublet tablet at the Tapiola Library with your library card for use within the library. Borrowing time is two hours.

Hublet tablets are ideal for library e-resources such as reading e-journals. The Helmet Library e-material services are assembled into icons on the tablet screen for easy access.

Web browsing and online shopping are also successful, but printing from a Hublet to a library printer is not yet possible. When you return the Hublet to its holder, it automatically forgets all your browsing and usage information.

You can borrow a Hublet with a library card and pin, just like borrowing books with the loan machine:

  1. Insert your library card into the Hublet mount and enter your pin on the touch screen.
  2. Take the tablet that Hublet will release for you.
  3. After use, return the tablet to the empty space on the Hublet rack.

Hublet tablets can only be used in the library. If you take the tablet out of the library, it will lock and can no longer be used.

Ask the staff for more advice!

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