R.E.A.D. Börje

A, B, C do you want to meet a R.E.A.D.®? Do you want to meet me?
 I’m a special dog for you who want to read better, learn to read or who just happen to love reading books aloud.

My name is Honeycoat’s Beverly Hills Beau aka BÖRJE Lukukukoira, R.E.A.D.
I work at Tapiola Library in Espoo. I’m a Bichon Maltais and 3, 5 years old. I was born in Beverly Hills, LA, CA, USA and immigrated here to Espoo when I was few months old. I have been working as a R.E.A.D.® now for over 2 years and looking forward for my third period at Tapiola library this Fall’ 14.

My mission is to listen! I love listening when someone reads to me. The reader’s voice is music to my ears and I do not care of misspellings or forgotten words. I just love to listen without criticism, comments or grading.  I’m trained to meet all kind of readers. They may be young 5 years old or seniors in their 80’s. Mainly my work is meant for school children.

Does it help? Yes, it does. I’ve had so many readers that gained their confidence and those who are never ever going to whisper their answers or giving their speech. Some of my readers got help with their stammering. 

My R.E.A.D.® Organization says : “The meaning of this work is to improve the literacy skills of children through the assistance of registered therapy teams as literary mentors.” That is just what I do.

Thinking about reading for me? You can book a 15 minutes reading session with me at the Children’s Info Desk. You can book a session only 5 times. Please, ask if any questions and ask freely for books that may interest you.

At our library we have also Library Dogs working. They are my colleagues. Here you can meet our R.E.A.D.®-trainee Venla who loves to listen children reading. She is going to be a great listener when she graduates and gets her certificate.

And then there is Aride who loves to attend our story telling hours and meet Swedish speaking school classes.

Meet us all at Tapiola Library! A Library for Every Reader!


Reading Education Assistance Dogs are trained by Inter-Mountain Therapy Animals Organization and the handler and the dog have passed tests and got a certification that proves their work lives up the ITA standards