Tapiola Library Makerspace

The Makerspace of Tapiola Library brings new opportunities for doing things in the library. We offer 3D printers, vinyl cutter, thermal press, sewing machine, laminator, media station with artboard, and more... We also provide free tool rental and a music studio .

Equipment and space reservations: varaamo.espoo.fi

Are you looking for a place to make crafts, designs, or art with your friends? There are many ideas that can be accommodated at the Makerspace.

You can also ask Makerspace employees for advice and guidance on using information technology and mobile devices. For longer personal guided tours, you can pre-order a guided tour through the Borrow a Librarian service.

Group guides and events can be arranged at Tapiola Makerspace with topics such as programming, crafting, games, 3D modelling and printing. Welcome aboard! See the event calendar for the dates of the different themed workshops.

Working with the 3D printer 

  1. Design your object with modelling software or find a ready-made 3D model for printing (usually stl files) from the internet. 
  2. You can reserve one 3D printer at a time. It is possible to make a reservation beforehand, online at varaamo.espoo.fi
  3. When using Ultimaker 3D printers open the 3D model in Cura software on a computer to adjust your print settings and save the 3D model to an SD card (or memory stick).
  4. Place the SD card (or memory stick) in the printer, find the file from the Print menu, and print your model.

3D links

  • Thingiverse: A place to find ready-made models that you can use while learning to use 3D printers. You can also submit your own models to the site.
  • TinkerCad: A browser based simple 3D design program that allows you to make your own designs by shaping and combining ready-made shapes and signs.
  • SketchUp: Designing software for making your own models.
  • Blender: Designing software for making your own models.
  • Cura: Download a version of the software for preparing your model for the printer. Very useful for checking how long your print will take.

Working with the Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press

The vinyl materials include a heat transfer film for heat pressing on textiles and self-adhesive vinyl for making stickers. To save material, it is advisable to use ready-made pieces of a suitable size instead of using the large roll if possible.

You can create a design or text for the vinyl cutter using the Roland CutStudio software, or you can import a custom finished image. The picture should not be too small; vector-converted images work best. You can edit an image into vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. If you want to attach the design to textiles, be sure to turn the design into a mirror image before cutting.

Sticker vinyl is placed on the cutter with the colour side facing up, the heat transfer film with the non-shiny side facing up. The material is placed straight on the cutter, making sure that it’s positioned properly. Pull up the vinyl cutter handle to lock the material.

Use a pair of tweezers to remove excess areas of the sticker and leave only the part to be attached.

The heat transfer film is applied with a heat press. The textile must be made of natural fibre. The press is heated to 160 degrees. The design to be attached is then placed on the fabric with the glossy side facing up and pressed onto the fabric for about 15 seconds.

For wall stickers, it is advisable to use an adhesive film that keeps the parts of the sticker in place and easily attaches to the desired surface later.

Links for Vinyl Cutting:

Media Station

The media station is intended for drawing, image processing, layout design, making animations, video editing and all other creative digital activities. The Mac workstation has been equipped with a Wacom Cintiq pen display for drawing. At the media station you will find the full Adobe CC suite including software such as:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • PremierePro

The Media Station also includes an excellent scanner with scanning software capable of scanning photos, slides and negatives.

Sewing machines

At Tapiola library you can find two kinds of sewing machines:

  • Domestic model sewing machine - This type of sewing machine is fairly simple to use and can do many things and almost all the things you need for sewing clothes, accessories and home furnishing.
  • Overlocker - An overlocker is a specialized type of sewing machine that produces overlock stitches to sew over one or two pieces of cloth. In most cases, overlockers are used for edging, hemming, or seaming.

Sewing links:

Other machines in Paja Makerspace