Tapiola Library Makerspace

The Makerspace in Tapiola Library opens up new possibilities for activities in the library. We offer 3D printers, vinyl cutter, heat press, sewing and embroidery machines, laminator, etc.

You can work in the Makerspace on your own, but we are always glad to help when needed. Are you looking for a place to meet up with you friends to do crafts and art? The Makerspace's table offers space for many crafters.

Working with 3D printer 

  1. Design your object with modeling software or find a ready-made 3D model for printing (usually stl files) from the internet. 
  2. You can reserve one 3D printer at one time. It is possible to make a reservation beforehand, online at varaamo.espoo.fi
  3. When using Ultimaker 3D printers open the 3D model in Cura software on a computer to adjust your print setiings and save the 3D model to an SD card (or memory stick).
  4. Place the SD card (or memory stick) to the printer, find the file from the Print menu, and print your model.

3D links
MiniFactory: The homepage of the manufacturer of 3D printers used in the Tapiola Library Workshop. You can find the technical information of the printers from these pages.
Repetier: The printing software for 3D printer used in the Tapiola Library Workshop.
Thingiverse: A place to find ready-made models that you can use while learning to use 3D printers. You can also submit your own models to the site.
Bld3r: A place to find ready-made models.
Yeggi: A search engine to find 3D files.
Thingiverse of Tapiola Library: Here you find the models that have been tested and found working in Tapiola Library Workshop.
TinkerCad: A browser based simple 3D design program that allows you to make your own designs by shaping and combining ready-made shapes and signs.
SketchUp: Designing software for making your own models.
Blender: Designing software for making your own models.

Working with vinyl cutter and heat press
1. Open the image you wish to cut in the Adobe Illustrator program and convert it into vector graphics. Or create to shape you wish to cut with the Illustrator program.
2. Cut the image or text with the vinyl cutter into a decal for hard surfaces or a transfer image for textiles.
3. If you cut a sticker to transfer it into textile, attach it with the heat press.

Links for vinyl cutting:
Adobe Illustrator CS6: Tutorials to use the Illustrator.
Adobe Illustrator CS6: Video tutorials to use the Illustrator.
Roland Camm-1Servo GX 24: Instructions to use vinyl cutter.
Schulze BluePRESSLine Size 3: Instructions to use textile press.

Sewing links:
Brother JS23: Link to download the manual (pdf) of the basic sewing machine.
Husqvarna Viking Opal 650: Manual of the computerized sewing machine.
Husqvarna Viking Designer Topaz 25: Manual of the sewing and embroidery machine.
Kaunista kirjontaa: A blog in Finnish about machine embroidering.

Coding links
Hopscotch: Visual programming with iPad.
Scratch: Visual programming with pc.
Racket: A multi-paradigm programming language to learn programming.
The programming environments mentioned above are used in the coding courses in Tapiola Library Workshop.

Programming and Game design:
Learning Programming and Game Design - Villanova University, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Other machines in Paja Makerspace
HP 3D Structured Light Scanner: 3D scanner.
Fellowes Callisto A3 Laminator: Manual of the laminator.