Tapiola library kindergarten cooperation

Welcome to Tapiola Library with your kindergarten group! If you would like a program organized by the library, please contact us in advance. At the same time, tell us the size of the group and your wishes. In addition to guided visits, you are always welcome to take a self-guided trip to the library - Children's Book Treasures are waiting!

Fairytale sessions and presentations

The magic of fairy tales and the energy of picture books for the over-3s. The regular weekly fairytale session is usually at 10am on Wednesday mornings. For large kindergarten groups we prefer that you book your own time. You can also wish for a fairytale session on a particular topic.

Registration: elina.koskinen@espoo.fi

Preschool Workshop

Registration for the 2019-2020 Academic Workshops has ended.

Theme Bags

We are happy to collect book bags for the kindergarten on the theme you want. It is a good idea to arrange bag collection at least two weeks before the pick-up time. Registrations: elina.koskinen@espoo.fi

Helmet-Story Diploma

Helmet-Story Diploma is a kindergarten reading diploma where you can read books aloud to children or listen to audiobooks. The story diploma is handed over to the group once ten books (five of which must be storybooks) have been read or listened to. You can find more information about the Story Diploma and related books here.

Kindergarten Library Card

The kindergarten may have its own library card. The card is valid for one year at a time and the person responsible for it is responsible for the material borrowed from the card. The responsible person must present a valid photo ID when applying for and renewing the card. See the Helmet Library Terms of Use for more information on this card.