A little story: A great workplace

“It must be wonderful when you get to read for a living”, says a friend. I sigh. Should I once again tell them the truth? My colleagues and I don’t read for a living. We read for the joy of reading and we use stories to get away from it all, just like you do. We don’t get paid for reading. We wait for new books in the same reservation list as everyone else wanting to read the latest Sofi Oksanen or Hilary Mantel book.

But I admit, it’s great that we get news about the new books very early on. We browse through publishers’ webpages and publication catalogues as well as read literature blogs while we plan upcoming acquisitions. You can also help and influence our selections. We get to be at the forefront in terms of hearing what’s going on in literature. In the summer we are already busy choosing books for autumn and winter.

What makes this a great workplace are the customers. You! The customers, with whom we can share our reading experiences and discuss about recent happenings. This is indeed a great workplace!

Sunniva Drake, Director of Tapiola Area Libraries
Jani Nieminen, Librarian, Poet and "Library Clown"