Love Story

A little story: Love Story

I heard a song on the radio that took me years back to a time when I still was unaware of the fact that I would become a librarian. I was just a fairly innocent teen who liked to read a lot.

I used to spend hours sitting next to the library windows reading. I pushed aside the books on display and I read the books I wasn’t able to carry home or was too ashamed to take to the librarian at the checkout desk.

The song that I now heard on the radio was Love Story. The movie with the same name by Eric Segal moved everyone in 1970 and Mantovan’s lovely music played everywhere. And everyone cried. I cried through many handkerchiefs.

How does this memory relate to the library? Well, at the time I tried to check out a book by Segal, which by the way had Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neil on the cover. The librarian at Munkkiniemi Library looked at me and said: “Are you really going to read this? I think it is a bit too strong for you.” I wonder if libraries still have books that are “too strong” in their collections?

Raisa Alameri