Learning at Paja

For many people, learning to do thing by reading books is not enough anymore. Many of the new developments people talk about cannot be found in books yet.  A modern library, Our Library must come forward and create spaces and places where you can experience and learn about the fast moving development of our environment. And the best thing is that you are never alone. Here you learn by doing things together with others.  Tapiola Public Library answers to this need of a place and space to do things rather than just staying put and deliver knowledge to those who know how to ask for information.

Library is one of the best places to provide a platform for this kind of learning. And the best part of this is that Tapiola Library is easy to reach and has no fee. You are free to use all the open space as you wish and we encourage you to try and learn about new things and services. Don't forget to be creative!

What can you try and learn about? How about an embroidery sewing machine or a regular sewing machine. Or have you ever used a computer driven vinyl-cutter? How about a pimped T-shirt? That would be awesome to make from your old recycled shirt.
Remember it would be your own design and unique!

If you are not for clothes designing you maybe want experience these? Several 3D printers at your service. With their QR code you can check out if there is a printer available.
If you want some more things to do maybe music is your field. Create and make music with pads/tablets or let out the rhythm inside you by playing our electric drums. Very popular indeed!

This summer 2014 we have started workshops where we all can learn to code. A fantastic group energy is experienced here in the library, available and open for everyone.

Why learn to write code in this Library?

In a few years coding as it is today is going to be a study subject in primary schools.

Knowing how to code is one of the future skills we have to learn to understand. This is how we keep Finland among the top countries also in the future. Our library wants to be a place where we courage people to follow the signs of future making. This is how we want to inspire everyone to read and write.

We see it is as common knowledge and the library is an easy place where you can start to get to know it. In coding it is all about reading and writing. It is also about creative thinking and problem solving. To teach how to code is also one of library's goals when it comes to media-education and training. When you understand the basics of code writing you will understand better this more and more digitalized world of ours. And, of course it is easier for you to change the world!

When you enter a coding course or a workshop, you get an insight of what programming is all about. Remember that sometimes library books help also the pros not just you.

The other topic is our 3D-printers. Why?

These printers are going to change the world we live in.  3D-printers are for now expensive and also challenging to use fi you're not familiar with those at all. It is not a household appliance yet. So our library is needed for presenting this new phenomena to common people. Here you can see the printers everybody writes & read about, asks about and probably dream about. You can try one and make small objects and learn how it works. After that experience you be a part of an ongoing discussion and even debate.  No money lost!


Besides that the library supports  LBD our library wants to favor the culture of do it yourself. When you learn to handle a 3D-printer, to code, make clothes for you, you take charge of your life. That is important.

 I don't have to be a passive receiver of thoughts or things or computer programs.
I can create something new and I can share it with you!

Supporting this idea is the main purpose of the library. It is our mission.