Meeting room Voltti

A small meeting room for 1–4 people at the library’s second-floor work area. The meeting room has the City of Vantaa's free-of-charge WLAN. There is a large screen where you can attach your computer. You can borrow a video conference kit using your library card at the customer service desk. The kit includes a HDMI wire with adapters, web camera and a speaker with microfone. You can borrow a laptop from the work area’s laptop locker. The customer laptops all have Skype installed in them.

User regulations of the premises

Use of the premises is free of charge, and the maximum reservation time is 4 hours per week. If a customer does not show up within 15 minutes from the beginning of the reservation, the premises can be reserved by other customers. If you know that you will not be using your reservation, please cancel it by calling our customer service number 043 8248 307.

If you are booking the room for an event, please add the name of your event in the reservation name field. Then, if necessary, we can guide the participants to the right place.

At the start of the reservation period, the room is loaned by a booker's library card and returned on departure. In this way, we are trying to prevent misuse and ensure equal access to library facilities for all. The room is for personal use and the booker is responsible for the space and its equipment at the time of booking.

The age limit for reserving the space is 13 years.

The room must be vacated no later than 15 minutes before the library closes.

If you don’t follow these rules, you might get a ban for a month on using the premises.

Reservations: Timmi 360