The studio is a sound-proof area, situated in the library’s music department on the first floor. You can use the premises to record and edit sound, play your own or the library’s instruments and learn to play with the help of Rockway online courses. The premises accommodate at max. 4 persons. The users have access to the City of Vantaa’s free-of-charge Wi-Fi.

Studio's equipment:

- PC

- Roland Studio-Capture external sound card

-Röde NT1-A microphone - Bayerdynamics TG-153 stereo pair microphone

-Yamaha HS80M loudspeakers


- Cubase 11 pro

- Ableton Live

- FL-studio

- Propellerhead Reason 9

- Musescore

-Adobe Creative Cloud software for image processing


- Ableton Push

-MIDi keyboard

-Tokai electric guitar and bass

-Electric piano

User regulations of the premises

Use of the premises is free of charge, and the maximum reservation time is 6 hours per week. The premises can be reserved two weeks before at the earliest. If a customer does not show up within 15 minutes from the beginning of the reservation, the premises can be reserved by other customers. If you know that you will not be using your reservation, please cancel it by calling our customer service number 043 825 8250963.

The age limit for reserving the premises is 15 years. You reserve the premises on your library card at the customer service desk. No eating or drinking on the premises is allowed.

You must leave the premises at least 15 minutes before the library closes.

Reservations: Timmi 360