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Creative Movement Workshop

- a connection with self and world outside

A 90-minute workshop exploring creative movement through holistic and creative movement practises.

The modern times put  great emphasis on the mind and the body, and it’s functions, are often seen as secondary. But as human beings we cannot forget that the body and the mind are one unit consisting of equally important parts that constantly communicate with and affect one another. The creative movement workshop is designed to take steps into reconnecting that harmony by tuning into our own bodies, learning to be present in the moment and connecting ourselves to the collective energy of the group.

Images, thoughts, text and music are used as stimuli to move our bodies in the way that comes naturally us, find new ways of expressing ourselves and explore ways to possibly incorporate this into everyday life. We dance, play and have fun together without the fear of making mistakes (there are none!) or looking silly.

Through the practice we can deepen self-awareness and begin to make links to oneself and one’s emotions.

Creative Movement workshops are for everyone who are curious in finding ways of letting go and being fully present in the moment. No previous skills from dance or movement needed.

UtoUto’s workshops are not one particular method one has to rationally understand. The core of the work is based on UtoUto’s own methods of performance making that has been built and developed from various theatre, dance and performing arts practices.

Language of the workshops is English and Russian. Finnish can be used if necessary.

Workshop facilitator – Anna Olkinuora, performing artist and director from UtoUto Performing arts company.

Maximum capacity of the space is 20 participants, make sure you can get your spot by registering.

Registration and questions: anna (at)

Where and when:

Töölö library (Helsinki): Sunday 23rd of April, 12-13.30

Entresse library (Espoo): Saturday, 6th of May 11-12.30

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Photo: Gloria De Felice

Töölö library (Töölö Library)

4/23/2017 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Russian library

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