About us

Töölö Library is situated on the nothern side of Topelius Park, in Taka-Töölö. The architecture of the building typifies modernism and is a fine example of library architecture of the 1960’s. The library building was designed by professor Aarne Ervi. Creating a building that harmonizes with the surrounding park was the basis for his plan. Curved shapes, light colours, spaces divided by glass walls and large windows opening onto to the park are characteristic of the architecture of the building. The new library was opened in 1970.

The library holds a wide selection of literature, as well as newspapers and both musical and audiovisual material. There are spaces for work and study as well as computers offering free Wi-Fi for the use of the customers. Reading groups, language cafés, lectures and exhibitions are examples of the weekly events in the library. The balconies of the library offer extra space for both reading and working in the summer.

Basement : Kerhohuone

Kerhohuone, the clubroom, is situated in the basement of the building and can be booked for meet­ings or group working. The space is often used for reading fairy tales for children as well as having group visits for schools and nurseries.

1st Floor : Service Area, Entrance Hall and Satupiha

The main service area for borrowing and returning books, as well as for picking up reserved mater­ial, is situated in the 1st floor of the library. Newspapers, periodicals and journals can be found in the 1st floor, as well as copying, printing and scanning facilities. The library staff provides help with finding or borrowing books and renewing the loans.

Computers for short-time use can be found in the entrance hall, as well as tablets to be used inside the library. DVD’s, console games, Bestsellers and Special Paperbacks are situated in the entrance hall. Dogs are allowed in the service area and the entrance hall of the library.

Satupiha, the children’s department of the library, offers books, magazines, DVD’s and games for children. There is also a playing area for young children, quiet, cosy corners for the older ones, as well as space for small exhibitions suitable for children. In the summer children can go outdoors to play games or enjoy reading outside, in front of Satupiha.

2nd Floor : Kirjastosali and Opintosali

Kirjastosali offers literature for adults in both Finnish and Swedish, as well as in English, Esto­nian, French, German, Russian and Spanish.  A part of the non-fiction literature, classes 0 - 699 and audio books is also situated in Kirjastosali, as well as the information service of the library. Both computers and laptops for up to four-hour-use can be found in the 2nd floor, as well as a printer. There is also space for art exhibition in Kirjastosali.

Opintosali, the quiet reading room of the library, is light and spacious and offers a beautiful view across Tope­lius Park. The room provides desk space for study or work for up to 80 persons. There are sockets for technical devices in Opintosali.

3rd Floor : Gallery, Group Spaces Keinu and Tuoli

The remaining part of the non-fiction literature, classes 700 - 999, is situated in the gallery right above Kirjastosali. Keinu and Tuoli provide space for studying, working or having meetings. The spaces can be booked for groups only.

4th Floor : Terassi, Pelihuone and Rumpu- ja pianohuone,Group Space Marjatta and Mika Waltari –sali

Terassi, the music department of the library, offers a wide range of musical material, CD’s, books and sheet music. Juvenile books as well as comics are also situated in Terassi. A few musical instruments, a kantele and a uku­lele, can be borrowed here, too. Pelihuone, the gaming room, for playing console games and Rumpu- ja pianohuone, the music room, for playing digital piano or electronic drums are both situated in the 4th floor.

Marjatta can be booked for working, studying, or hav­ing meetings, but for groups only. Using a sewing-machine is also possible in Marjatta. Mika Waltari -sali, seating up to 80 persons, is situated in the 4th floor as well. The space can be rented for different kinds of events and occasions as well as meetings and gatherings.