Printing and computer use in Töölö Library

A new printing system has been launched in Töölö Library.

Customers will no longer log into computers using their personal credentials.

To print materials, you will first have to create a printing account for yourself at You will need an email address to register your printing account. 

The instructions on how to create a printing account, can be found on the desktop of library´s customer computers. You can also ask the staff for help.

Printouts cost €0.40 per page. Printouts will be paid directly to the library staff. There are no longer free printouts.

Printing quota in the old PaperCut system can be used to pay for printouts and copies until the end of 2023. Unused printing quota will not be refunded.  

You will be able to print materials either from a customer computer or your own device also in future. 

Customer computers to be replaced in all Helsinki libraries  

All Helsinki libraries will be replacing their customer computers with new ones at the beginning of 2023. The project covers the entire City of Helsinki.  

The customer computers will be replaced with new ones one library at a time. Computers may be occasionally unavailable during installation work.   

Customer computer use times vary from 30 minutes to four hours. More detailed information about the customer computers of each library is available on the library’s own Helmet page under ‘Services’.  

Most customer computers cannot be reserved in advance. However, some libraries allow their computers to be reserved at the Varaamo service.  

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / City of Helsinki