Bookings for all the spaces in the library can be made either in the internet, (keyword: Töölö) or by e-mail The library staff should be informed of delays of more than 15 minutes, otherwise the reservation will be can­celled.

Group Spaces 1, 2 and 3

Group Spaces 1, 2in the 3rd floor, and 3, in the 4th floor, all provide group space for up to four hours. They can be used for working or studying, as well as for meetings or gatherings. Your group can have only one reservation at a time for group rooms.

Group Space 1 seats six persons and is provided with a screen with HDMI-cable. Group Space 2 seats eight persons and is provided with a screen with wire­less ClickShare presentation system and loudspeakers. Group Space 3 seats eight persons and is pro­vided with a screen with HDMI-cable. 

Mika Waltari –sali

Mika Waltari -sali, in the 4th floor, can be booked for conferences, meetings, lec­tures or other events for up to eight hours. The space seats 100 persons and is provided with a data projector, a flip chart, a wireless ClickShare presentation system and loudspeakers. The space includes a kitchen. The charge for Mika Waltari Hall is €40 / €100 for an hour. When planning events for open public, please contact for library co-operation.


Kerhotila, the clubroom in the basement of the library, is suitable for meetings or gatherings as well as for working or studying of small groups. The space seats 14 persons and can be booked for up to four hours. Kerhohuone is provided with a flip chart, a screen with HDMI-cable as well as loudspeakers.

Rumpu- ja pianohuone

Rumpu- ja pianohuone, the music room in the 4th floor, offers space for playing either di­gital piano or electric drums. The space can be booked for up to two hours. Rumpu- ja pianohuone is not sound-proof and therefore not suitable for singing. Headphones and drumsticks are available at the customer service counter.


The Stage in the 4th floor suits best for acoustic concerts and other performances. Inquiries and bookings by e-mail

The following technical devices and musical instruments are provided by the library:

JBL EON208P portable PA system (8-chanel mixer, Bluetooth and JBL 8” two-way loudspeakers)
two Shure Beta 58A microphones
two Shure SM57 microphones
two AKG D 3700 microphones
two Sennheiser E835 microphones
Yamaha DTX electronic drum kit
Yamaha Clavinova digital piano

Spaces for Art Exhibition

Lastenalue, in the 1st floor, has space for schools and childcare exhibits . Please contact for further information.