Temporary restrictions on self-service in Helsinki City Library network

The Helsinki City Library network introduced temporary restrictions on self-service in all the city’s self-service libraries, in other words in Herttoniemi, Laajasalo, Lauttasaari, Suomenlinna and Viikki.

During the temporary service restriction, persons under the age of 15 cannot access the libraries during the self-service hours. However, persons under the age of 15 can access the libraries during the self-service hours when accompanied by a parent or guardian. In addition, security is increased during the self-service hours and the hours were adjusted to focus on the morning hours. The restrictions were implemented by Wednesday, 22 June 2022 and they will remain in force until further notice.

Self-service is restricted due to recurring problems during the self-service hours. People have entered the libraries without logging in during the self-service hours, they have messed up the libraries and bothered other users of the libraries. We want to address these problems quickly so that they cannot escalate. Hence, the aim is to calm down the situation and to make the self-service use of the libraries pleasant and safe for all users. The restrictive measures are temporary and persons under the age of 15 can still access the libraries independently during the normal opening hours of the libraries. These are the first self-service libraries in Helsinki, so we will need to further develop the self-service concept in such a big city.

Self-service instructions:

The self-service libraries are equipped with a system that enables customers to use the library independently. These libraries can also be used outside the normal opening hours.

You can log in to a self-service library using your library card and PIN code. Customers are responsible for all people they let in to the self-service library with their personal library card.

During the self-service hours, there is no staff in the library, but the premises are technically monitored using, for example, security cameras. In a self-service library, you can borrow and return materials, use customer computers, read newspapers, work or have meetings.

The staff service hours and self-service hours are listed on each library’s dedicated Helmet website: www.helmet.fi/libraries