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Helmet libraries offer their customers the chance to listen to classical music through the Naxos Music Library service. In addition to classical music, the service features some folk music, as well as older blues and jazz music. The collection is growing constantly.

Naxos Music Library Jazz offers thousands of jazz recordings from different eras. You can search for music e.g. by composer, artist or label. Also available as a mobile application.

Naxos Video Library offers videos of concerts, operas, ballet and theatre as well as documentaries, and educational materials. Music is mainly classical, but jazz and world music is also included. In addition to music documentaries, you will find documentaries about art, history, geography and sights.

Naxos Music Library World offers a wide selection of world and ethnic music. The collection covers music from all over the world.

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Instructions for using the Naxos Music Library

In order to log in to the service, you need a Helmet library card.

Enter your library card number in the field without spaces and then click the login button. After this, follow the instructions provided by the service.

In Naxos Music Library, a total of 25 users can be logged in to the service at the same time. The limit for simultaneous users is 10 in the other Naxos services. If the maximum number of users has already been reached, you will not be able to log in to the service. When you’re done, be sure to log out of the service, so the next user can log in.

More detailed system requirements are displayed on the login page, where you can also find the addresses to submit feedback about the Naxos service. If you are unable to play a track, please note that you must allow pop-ups from the Naxos website in your browser settings, or you must press the Ctrl key when selecting a track.

Helmet libraries do not have any say in the technical user interface of NML or the selection of music on offer. If you wish to submit other feedback about the service, please use the Helmet feedback form.