Instruments, music rooms, studios and performance spaces

Whether you want to hone your singing or playing skills, make a demo recording of your own or arrange an intimate gig for your band, we offer a wide range of high quality services.

By clicking the names of the libraries below you will enter their pages, where you will find more information about the services and how to book them.


Bass guitar (electric): Entresse, Iso OmenaLibrary 10, MaunulaSello, Tapiola

Bass guitar (acoustic): Sello

Cajón: Kallio

Kantele: KallioTöölö

Guitar (electric): Entresse, Iso OmenaLibrary 10, MaunulaSello, Tapiola, Tikkurila

Guitar (acoustic, with nylon strings): Library 10

Guitar (acoustic, with steel strings): Iso Omena (lendable, link to Helmet search), Library 10Sello (electro-acoustic), Tapiola

Keyboard (synthesizer / MIDI): Entresse, Library 10, MaunulaSello, Tapiola

Percussion: Tapiola

Piano (acoustic): Sello, Tikkurila

Piano (digital): Entresse, Etelä-Haaga, Itäkeskus, Iso Omena, Kivenlahti, Koivukylä, Laajasalo, Library 10Myllypuro, Sello, Tapiola,Töölö

Drums (acoustic): Entresse, Maunula

Drums (electric): Iso Omena, Sello, TapiolaTöölö

Ukulele, lendable: Entresse, Itäkeskus, KallioPasilaSelloTöölö

Pump organ: Sello

Music rooms:

Etelä-Haaga, Koivukylä, Iso Omena, Library 10Maunula, Sello, TikkurilaTöölö

Silent rehearsal room (In our Roland Room you and your band can rehearse or record "silently", that is with headphones on):


Recording studios:

Entresse, Library 10, Myllypuro, Iso OmenaSello, Tapiola, Tikkurila


Performance spaces:

Entresse, Library 10, Sello, TikkurilaTöölö