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Instructions for remote access of e-magazines

You can read the newspapers and magazines available through PressReader and RBdigital in a library as well as outside the library using your own device.


PressReader contains newspapers and magazines from around the world. You can read the publications either in your device’s browser or in the PressReader mobile app. To log in, you need your Helmet library card number and PIN code.

Using PressReader in a web browser

Open the PressReader website, click Sign in and then choose the Library card option. Next choose from the Select libraries list Library – Helmet libraries (offsite) and type in your library card number and PIN code. Wait a moment until a PressReader HotSpot window opens.

You can browse the collection by tapping Select publication. You can find the whole selection also from the menu bar under Publications. Now you can browse the magazines according to country, language, category or publication type, or search by title. Access the magazine by tapping on its cover.

Using PressReader via mobile app

Download the PressReader app from the App Store or Play store. If you have previously downloaded it, make sure you have the latest, updated version.

Tap on Sign in, then tap Library or an icon resembling a library card. Choose from the Select libraries list Library – Helmet libraries (offsite) and enter your library card number and PIN codeWait a moment until a PressReader HotSpot window opens.

After this, you can browse the selection, read magazines and newspapers as well as download them for offline use. The HotSpot must be active during downloading. If the coffee cup symbol in the top part of the Publications section is not green, activate the HotSpot in the application's settings.

You can also download newspapers/magazines in the libraries’ wireless network in Helsinki and Espoo. This way you do not need to sign in to the PressReader app – you just open the app and you are granted access automatically in the libraries’ wireless network.

If the app does not offer the possibility to log in with a library card, do as follows. First, open the PressReader website in a browser, log in with your library card number and PIN code, click on you name and then on Manage account. Add an email address and a password to your details. Then start the app and log in with the email and password you just added.


RBdigital contains magazines in English. You can read the magazines either in your device’s browser or in a mobile app. To log in, you need your Helmet library card number and a separate user account. You cannot log into RBdigital using your library card number and PIN code. Your library card number is entered only when you create the RBdigital user account.

Creating an RBdigital user account

To use RBdigital, you need to create a separate user account on the RBdigital website. Click on Create new account, type in your library card number and fill in your details. You will be sent an email with a link to confirm the account. Log in using the user name and password you created.

Using RBdigital in a web browser

After you have created your account, you can browser the magazine collection. Choose the magazine you want and click Checkout, and the magazine will be transferred to your personal magazine shelf. You can then continue browsing the collection by clicking Keep browsing and transfer more magazines to your shelf.

If you want to start reading the magazine, choose Start reading. The magazine opens in a new tab. The service works on browsers that support HTML5. You can find all your downloaded magazines on the My collection page.

Using RBdigital via mobile app

You can read magazines on iOS and Android devices in the RBdigital app. You can also download magazines to the app and read them offline. If you have transferred magazines to your personal magazine shelf in a browser, they are also available in the app.

Download the RBdigital app to your device. Log in by choosing Finland as the country and then typing in your RBdigital account username and password.

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