FAQ - Taskukirjasto

What is Taskukirjasto?

Taskukirjasto™ is a mobile application for customers of Helmet library. Taskukirjasto allows you to renew your loans, search for material, and make reservations with just a few screen touches. You will also get suggestions for material to read, and you can check the opening hours and contact information of libraries. You can use Taskukirjasto in Finnish, Swedish and English. Read more about Taskukirjasto.

How do I reserve a book using Taskukirjasto?

Log in the application by entering your library card number and PIN. 

Write the name of the book, the author's name or ISBN code on the search line, or direct the search camera on the book’s EAN code. Press the image of the magnifying glass.

Choose from the list the book you want and press the reserve button under it (icon where the book falls on a hand).

Choose the pickup library by pressing the search line and choose the name of the library on the menu that opens. Confirm your reservation by pressing the Send button. You will get a message of a successful reservation.

If the reservation does not succeed, you can log in your own information on Helmet.fi and check whether you have overdue loans or whether your library fees exceed 30 euros. You can also call your local library's customer service.

How can I change the pickup place, add a default pickup place or freeze my reservation?

NB! It is not possible to freeze reservations in the Taskukirjasto app at the moment, only in Helmet.fi.

In Taskukirjasto you can cancel, freeze and unfreeze your reservations. To cancel a reservation through Taskukirjasto, tap the trash can icon. To freeze a reservation through Taskukirjasto, tap the Freeze button. If the reservation is already freezed you see the Unfreeze button in the same location.

Changing the pickup place for a reservation can only be done by logging in to Helmet.fi. Modifying, freezing and cancelling reservations in Helmet.fi.

Why does the automaton not read the library card's barcode in Taskukirjasto?

If your local library's checkout machine does not read the card's barcode from your phone, increase the display's brightness level. If it doesn't help, you can ask an employee to read the barcode on the service point's reader. We are trying to devise a better solution.

How do I borrow an e-book?

You can read e-books either by a browser or with publishers’ own applications. See instructions on Helmet.fi´s eLibrary

How do I make a friend loan?

Log in Taskukirjasto and go to Friend loan.

The borrower scans or writes in the opening field the library barcode of the book that his/her friend has currently loaned (not the publisher's code) and presses enter.

The application contacts the lender (this may take a while) and asks for approval to the loan. If the time limit is exceeded, re-write the barcode.

After approval, the application updates the loan on your friend’s card and puts a new due date for the loan. After reading the book, you can return it to the library’s check-in machine as usual.

Friend loan will not succeed if

  • there are reservations for the item
  • if the item cannot be reserved (e.g., bestsellers) or
  • if the item has been renewed for the maximum number of times.

How do I change my contact information?

For the time being, you can only change your own information by logging in Helmet.fi. Log in your own information, click on your name and choose Change contact information.

NB. You cannot change your name via the web service. Please visit any Helmet library and present an ID card with your new name (or an ID card with your old name plus a certificate of changing your name). You will get a new library card free of charge.