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Creative writing workshop for children

Welcome to an English language Creative Writing workshop starting this spring at Rikhardinkatu Library, combining literature, visual art and drama. We will be playing with words through writing poetry, drawing comics, and even trying our hand at stop-motion animation as well as creating our own characters and settings around the theme of Future Heroes and Stories. We will also look at different types of texts, learning how to develop our own imaginative worlds with the help of well-known children’s books. Our focus is on spending time on the children’s interests around the theme and leisurely self-expression through the arts.   

This weekly workshop is suitable for any 2nd-3rd grader with an interest in literature, art and all things creative. Former experience of literary arts isn't needed.

Meetings monday afternoons 7th March to 30th May from 3pm to 4:30 pm in Kokoustila Ture Rikhardinkatu library. 

Workshop is bilingual and is led by Evianna Korhonen. 

Maximum size of a group is 10 participants.  

For more information ask eeva.ritakasari@hel.fi

Picture: Pexels / Yan Krukov

Meeting Room Ture (Rikhardinkadun kirjasto)

7.3.2022 klo 15.00 - 30.5.2022 klo 16.30



Viimeksi päivitetty 11.2.2022