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Moon Glitch -valokuvanäyttely

Theme: Explore the gap between the past & the future.

When we look up at the sky we see the future? Are we stuck with the past? How long is "now"?
They say that the past is composed of memories and actions.
For artists, the past looks like an old street where they once walked by. And the present feels uncertain of how long they could stay on that path with the few remaining artists who can afford to stay. While the future is unknown and hidden between the stars.

All is yet to be seen.

Photographers use cameras as time machines.They never leave home without them & they are always ready to snap one more picture to add to the timeline.

Welcome to MOON GLITCH photography exhibition where our magic photographers have the unique gift of taking us back in time and showing us the future.

Curator: Wisam Abboud @wwiissaamm 👽

Meet our amazing photographers:
Lineup: @thedarkroomcollective.fi 📸
-Vedran @misguidedviking
-Outi Neuvonen @outineuvonen
-Shuttertho @shuttertho
-Maria @nigma_sign
-Ignacio Pérez @ignacioperezperez
-Daniel Motola @damotola

Entressen kirjasto

19.3.2023 klo 10.00 - 18.00

Viimeksi päivitetty 14.3.2023