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Tales - Jesus Shrestha Galleria Kajavassa

Jesus Shrestha (b. Kathmandu,1991) is a Helsinki based visual artist, storyteller and designer.

His works in TALES combine the stories of his childhood with powerful language of pop culture imagery - a imaginative universe that  bridges the cultural heritages of both Nepal and Finland as well as the past and the contemporary.

Jesus explores the intertwining of cultures, curious to see how their unique essences can be maintained, celebrated and shared - while also integrating the benefits found within the surroundings of new environments. He tries to translate depth and intuition to the viewer in the hopes we can have a conversation and a connection.

Jesus holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts from Aalto University and has held numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2007. He has received awards for Fine Arts in Nepal and Japan.

Vallilan kirjasto

8.8.2022 klo 9.00 - 31.8.2022 klo 18.00

Viimeksi päivitetty 8.8.2022